Give your teams the tools they need to create interactive and immersive content easily

Your presentation software tools crave a more innovative, engaging digital experience that amplifies the power of every medium at your fingertips. Tiled is an interactive content platform built for the new age of communication that engages your audience through every step of the journey. Whether you are a marketer, designer, an HR or sales leader—Tiled helps immerse the reader in your story.

With Tiled you stand out from the competition with our:

  • Flexible, no-code interactive builder
  • Rich media options like video, animated GIFs, and surveys
  • Structured pages allow for easy navigation and browsing
  • Easily shareable and viewable offline
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Real time updates

Reimagine what interactive presentations can be with Tiled.

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Tiled lets you immerse readers, viewers, and listeners in an interactive experience. Ready for the future of content? Let’s talk.
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