Buyers Have Changed. Sellers Have Not. Find Out Why It Matters.

On-Demand Webinar:

Buyers Have Changed. Sellers Have Not. Find Out Why It Matters.

Buyers have changed, yet most salespeople and sales leaders have not?

It is no secret that the power in the buying and selling process has shifted over from the seller to the buyer in the past couple of years. 

The real question is, how is your sales organization adapting to change your process to meet this new buyer’s paradigm?

Mark Roberge and Jake Reni are going to take a deep dive into actionable strategies every sales leader can implement in order to make sure your sales team doesn’t get left behind.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the new buyer’s journey framework looks like
  • Using a sales playbook to modernize your sales organization
  • How to modernize your salespeople’s skill sets 
  • Using demand generation as your secret sales weapon
  • What the modern sales leader looks like (data-driven)
  • Building a modern sales hiring playbook 
Featured Speakers
Mark Roberge
Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital
Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled
Sales Playbooks
Sales Tips
Sales Enablement
Sales Technology

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