Building field sales efficiency

  • Scattered “source of truth”
  • Static content
  • No offline capabilities
  • Speed to train seasonal sales team

Use Case
  • Brand and asset consistency
  • Enable better conversations
  • Reduce close time
  • Real-time updates 
  • Targeted conversations
  • Interactive engagement
  • Savings in print costs
  • Easily pivot to address market conditions
  • Fully engaged audience 
  • Immersive tool for full experience

“The thing about a microapp compared to a brochure — a brochure doesn’t live, it doesn’t interact with you … Tiled is a much more effective way of communicating. It’s alive.”

Vess Pearson

ceo, Aptive Environmental

“Tiled has become our storefront. It’s how we control the conversation with the customer and offer a consistent brand experience. It’s making the process easier for our team and better for our customers.”

Josh Crittenden

vp of sales experience, vivint

“One of the most compelling things about Tiled was the visual representation of the playbooks we created… we wanted to figure out a better way to get information in front of the sales manager to allow them to choose their own adventure.”

Ellen Rataj

director of training & development, hubspot

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